Can I drink water immediately after a meal ?

A: Yes It is the body’s instinct to drink water when you are thirsty. Unless there is intestinal obstruction and other diseases that can not eat, otherwise healthy people should drink water when they are thirsty, whether it is before, during or after meals. Thinking that drinking water after meals is not good, may be worried about drinking water to dilute gastric juices affect digestion, resulting in digestive malabsorption and other problems, this worry is superfluous.
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Should I eat less rice or less meat for fear of gaining weight?

Should I eat less rice or less meat for fear of gaining weight? Many of my friends often ask me which one should be eaten less compared to rice or pork when they are afraid of gaining weight during the dieting period. Some people say that they should eat less meat because it is high in energy; others say that they should eat less rice because it is high in energy and easy to digest, which makes it very easy to gain weight.
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Weight Loss Off-Topic

As I predicted earlier, my Weight Loss Series articles turned into some sort of permanent presence. Although at the time of publishing, the traffic of one article was lower than another. But in the time that has passed since it was published, almost every day someone has clicked on it, someone has appreciated it, and someone has even left a question. Here’s how I see it: everyone doesn’t have the same idea of value. In my case, I took the time to find information, do analysis, and write a whole “weight loss series”.
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Fasting for six days summary

On Sunday, December 6, 2020, I ended my six-day fast at 12:00 noon. I wrote about “Fasting Feelings” on Thursday before, when I was only fasting for 72 hours straight. Let’s start with the conclusion: not recommended, much less recommended for long-term repeated implementation, and recommended to keep as a personal preference. This fasting I successfully verified several things. hunger will weaken over time. That is, the first three days will feel a strong hunger, and not all the time, generally concentrated in the lunch time, dinner time and before bedtime.
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Fasting Feelings

At this moment, I have fasted for more than 72 hours. My blood pressure is 111/76, heart rate is 87, and blood sugar is 4.2 at 12:00 p.m. The previous day, my blood pressure was 113/71, heart rate was 78, and blood sugar was 4.2 at noon. Overall, my condition is very stable, except for excessive energy, cold hands and feet after 4:00 p.m., and occasional weakness during exercise. I had been eating a lot of vegetables and high-protein, high-fat food for more than a month, and even though I reduced to two meals a day, I still felt too full at the end of the day.
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Weight loss study (X) Appendix

As I promised before, I will put out an appendix at the end of the “Weight Loss Research” series to give a complete account of my weight loss process, specific methods and tools for this round. It should not be considered as a universal method, nor should it be considered as the way you should immediately refer to the implementation of weight loss, but only as a reference for your personal decision. Otherwise, it deviates from my original intention of writing the Weight Loss Research series, and may not be good for your health.
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Weight loss study (IX)

In this issue I am going to do a review and summary of the Weight Loss Research series. There may also be a tenth issue in the future, in which I intend to detail the equipment, meal plans and workouts that I personally used for this round of weight loss. But that is all very personal experience and experience, and only appropriate to appear as an appendix to the full series. So, today’s “Weight Loss Study (IX)” is the end of the body of this series.
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