Xinjiang cotton, what makes it the world's top?

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Title image source: Xinjiang Corps Sixth Division workers Chen Xiaojiang, 17 years of cotton planting, planted 50 mu last year, a yield of 490 kg, income of nearly 100,000 yuan. Corps propaganda department for the picture

Global cotton look at China, Chinese cotton look at Xinjiang. Xinjiang long-staple cotton, excellent quality, large production, perennial supply exceeds demand. National Bureau of Statistics information shows that the total output of cotton in Xinjiang in 2020 reached 5.161 million tons, accounting for 87.3% of the total national cotton production, accounting for about more than 20% of the world’s cotton production. Xinjiang cotton on what basis is the world’s top? Six reasons to tell you!

Climate: unique light and heat conditions

5aw2D.webp On October 5, in the 8th Division, a 44th regiment of 13 companies 500 acres of cotton fields, a cotton picking machine is shuttling in the white cotton waves, seize the time, harvest a bumper cotton harvest.

Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Economic Crops Research Institute researcher Li Xueyuan introduced, Xinjiang has a unique natural conditions, one is sufficient sunshine, up to 16 hours or more, the plant can absorb sufficient sunlight; second is a large temperature difference between day and night, the plant fully photosynthesized during the day, and inhibit growth at night, its role in the fruit of energy will be more; third is the scarcity of rain, dry climate, can evaporate a large amount of water from the plant, cotton cotton fiber flexibility; fourth is a long frost-free period, to provide sufficient growth time for the growth of cotton.

Thanks to the unique light and heat conditions, Xinjiang is also the only long-staple cotton producing area in China. Xinjiang Agricultural University, Professor of Agricultural College, doctoral supervisor Chen Family, Xinjiang Aksu region in 2020 planted 55 million mu of long-staple cotton, accounting for more than half of the territory. Xinjiang long-staple cotton softness, gloss, skin friendliness, breathability, elasticity and other indicators are far beyond ordinary cotton.

Breeding: create a number of excellent germplasm resources


Xinjiang Agricultural University and other universities experts have long been committed to cotton breeding and other work research, to improve the quality of cotton also play a role in promoting.

Chen family said that the “new agricultural University cotton 4” selection, promotion, for example, its improvement of existing cotton varieties, after disease resistance, drought resistance, salinity tolerance and other environmental precision identification, evaluation and screening, the creation of a number of high temperature, salinity, cold tolerance, suitable for machine picking of excellent germplasm resources and strengthen the protection of the use of cotton germplasm resource base to constantly replenish.

Planting: overcoming multiple key technical problems


Xinjiang farming system for a year, according to the requirements of the cotton fertility process, according to the law of sowing, early sowing at the right time, through the dense branch early promotion and other cultivation techniques to improve cotton production. At the same time, the use of ground cover, the realization of drip irrigation under the membrane, to improve the water utilization rate of cotton in Xinjiang.

Xinjiang cotton cultivation technology is also making breakthroughs. In 2020, Xinjiang cotton cultivation patent technology was awarded the gold medal for invention in Africa Innovation Week. National cotton cultivation chief expert Mao Shuchun, Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Economic Crops Research Institute submitted the “oasis cotton high-yielding and efficient production of key technology innovation and application” results, more systematically overcome the oasis cotton high-yielding and efficient production of multiple key technical problems, a number of technologies to reach the international leading level.

Harvesting: mechanical picking rate has reached 69.83%


Xinjiang cotton field concentration, planting scale, a high degree of mechanization, cotton mechanized harvesting area in recent years to an annual average of more than a million mu growth rate. According to the Xinjiang agricultural sector released in 2020 data show that Xinjiang cotton mechanical picking rate has reached 69.83%. Corps Bureau of Statistics data show that the Corps has 2760 cotton picking machines, 11.8 million mu of cotton machine picking area, cotton machine picking rate of 90.9%.

The transformation of production methods, technological advances, the contribution of science and technology in cotton production in Xinjiang has increased by 38% before the reform and opening up 58%, cotton production of seed management and harvesting of all aspects of the whole mechanization has been achieved.

Industrial chain: significant benefits of large-scale production

5aEZp.webp The eighth division of a 14-company employee He Jinshou planted 50 mu of cotton, looking at the harvest of cotton, He Jinshou can not stop smiling. (Zhang Xiaoqi, 144th Mission of the 8th Division)

Li Xueyuan said, in the national cotton industry strategic planning and various policy support, Xinjiang has formed China’s largest cotton production base, processing base, textile and garment export base. Among them, the scale of textile has reached more than 20 million spindles, textile employment of more than 1 million people. With the integrated development of one, two and three industries, cotton as the economic pillar of Xinjiang’s economic contribution more prominent.

Chen family introduction, Xinjiang cotton industry economic contribution of 70 billion yuan, the main cotton-producing areas cotton farmers more than 65% of family income from cotton, cotton industry can absorb employment of 1 million people, cotton has become the first economic pillar industry in Xinjiang.

Quality: the indicators exceed the national standard, “both inside and outside”

5aQCL.webp On September 22, in the cotton processing plant of the 84th regiment of the 8th division, a forklift unloaded the new cotton delivered by employees.

Xinjiang Reclamation Science Academy researcher Yu Yu introduced, the measurement of cotton quality mainly has three indicators: color level refers to the type and level of cotton color, fiber length standard level is 28 mm, a difference of one millimeter is a level; Macron value is divided into A, B, C three levels, it is a response to the fineness of cotton fiber, but also an important indicator of the maturity of cotton.

Yu Yu said, Xinjiang in cotton cultivation, varieties of high quality, mature technology, coupled with the scale of operation, bringing an obvious advantage is the neatness of cotton, the above three important indicators of good coordination, which guarantees the quality of cotton in Xinjiang.

Li Xueyuan said, Xinjiang cotton “inside and outside” - the external grade of high, white color, mercerization, good internal quality, long fiber, high strength, suitable for spinning high count yarn. Especially the unique long-staple cotton in Xinjiang, do clothing warm, breathable, comfortable.

Chen family introduction, Xinjiang long-staple cotton of excellent quality, its soft and long fibers, generally 33 to 39 mm, the longest up to 64 mm, more than Egyptian cotton, higher strength, by the relevant tests, Xinjiang long-staple cotton quality indicators are more than the national standard.

Such Xinjiang cotton, I support!