Don't try to discredit! 6 facts about Xinjiang cotton

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A few days ago, H&M a “stop using Xinjiang cotton” statement sparked strong discontent among Chinese netizens. Nike and other companies also proposed a “boycott” of Xinjiang cotton. Their reasons were lies and rumors about so-called “forced labor” and “minority discrimination”. Today, it is necessary to list these basic facts, in order to set the record straight.

[Fact 1] Xinjiang cotton: world top quality

Xinjiang has a unique natural conditions, the summer temperature difference, sunshine, photosynthesis, cotton growth time is long. Therefore, Xinjiang long-staple cotton, the world’s top, do clothing and quilts, warm, breathable, comfortable, long years in short supply.

The National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 2020, Xinjiang cotton area climatic conditions are more suitable, the occurrence of light pests and diseases, cotton growth is better, cotton unit area yield 2062.7 kg / ha (137.5 kg / mu), an increase of 93.8 kg / ha (6.3 kg / mu) over the previous year, an increase of 4.8%. Unit area production is ranked first in the country.

[Fact 2] Xinjiang cotton: China itself is not enough

China’s 2020/2021 cotton production of about 5.95 million tons, the total demand of about 7.8 million tons, the annual shortfall of about 1.85 million tons. Among them, Xinjiang cotton production of 5.2 million tons, accounting for about 87% of domestic production, accounting for about 67% of domestic consumption. To meet domestic demand, China needs to import about 2 million tons of cotton each year.

[Fact 3] Xinjiang cotton: production has long been highly mechanized, do not need a large number of “cotton pickers”

According to the 2020 data released by the Xinjiang agricultural sector, the mechanical picking rate of cotton in Xinjiang has reached 69.83%, of which 95% of the cotton in the northern border is picked by machinery.

Xinjiang cotton production has long been highly mechanized, even in the busy picking season, there is no need for a large number of “cotton pickers”.

[Fact 4] Xinjiang cotton: no connection with “government forced local labor” cotton picking

It is understood that in nearly 50 days of the cotton picking season, the average cotton picker can earn tens of thousands of yuan each. In such a short period of time, can earn so much money, people why not? The number of Han Chinese cotton pickers has declined over the years, mainly due to the increasing income of rural laborers in the mainland, the number of people going to Xinjiang to pick cotton has been declining, and the “government forced local labor” has no connection.

[Fact 5] Workers of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are completely free to choose their place of employment

Workers of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang choose their occupation according to their own will, and in accordance with the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China and other laws and regulations, they sign labor contracts with relevant enterprises in accordance with the law and receive corresponding remuneration.

[Fact 6] Some Westerners are “afraid to face the real Xinjiang”

We have repeatedly invited EU envoys to visit Xinjiang, but they have delayed the visit for various reasons, and even made unreasonable demands, which, to put it bluntly, are afraid to face the real Xinjiang, fearing that the stable development of Xinjiang society and the prosperous scene of people living and working in peace and happiness will expose their lies.