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As I predicted earlier, my Weight Loss Series articles turned into some sort of permanent presence. Although at the time of publishing, the traffic of one article was lower than another. But in the time that has passed since it was published, almost every day someone has clicked on it, someone has appreciated it, and someone has even left a question.

Here’s how I see it: everyone doesn’t have the same idea of value. In my case, I took the time to find information, do analysis, and write a whole “weight loss series”. The reason is that I think this thing has value and it is worth my time to write about it, and more and more people will look for it in the future. In the reader, may feel that this matter and their own irrelevant, or think I write too difficult articles, or even “too long not to see” attack, and do not agree with the value of this series, which I can also understand. We do not need to get consensus on this matter, because I did not force you to subscribe, nor force you to read, do not like to see that do not see.

So, for those who came to read, read and ask questions, here I would like to say a few more words.

Those readers who are inspired by the “Weight Loss Series” and find a method that works for them and come back to report their new progress, I welcome them, and I am still putting your messages out there; those readers who read the “Weight Loss Series” and look up information and have different opinions or even different practices, I also welcome them, and I am still putting out your messages as a reference for other subsequent readers. But for those readers who ask stupid questions, I really can’t stand it.

The weight loss thing is not complicated at all, it just requires you to spend a little time and take it seriously as a matter of course. I have estimated that about an hour a day to look up information on the Internet for a week is almost enough. It’s a normal part of life, just like learning to drive, but it takes much less time and money than learning to drive. But what irritates me to the extreme is that it is often clear by the questions themselves that the questioner didn’t spend that much time at all. I believe they spend far more than an hour a day on the short video app, time spent on their faces, and time spent on Taobao Jingdong Jindo Xiaohongshu. However, for spending time on their bodies and health, they have no interest. And those who spend a lot of time, the contribution to their own value adds up to infinitely close to zero, basically filling the pockets of others.

The result is that in 2021, still engaged in what dieting and weight loss, asking how to wake up in the middle of the night hungry, asking intermittent fasting can not hold up how to do? Ask me what I’m doing. I have not written a single word about dieting in my entire series, and I have repeatedly talked about how to follow my heart and eat well so that I can have the energy to lose weight. Asking such a question shows that I don’t care about what I wrote. When I came here, my mind was full and I had already decided that I had chosen the way to come to me for a prescription to solve a small problem. So what’s the point of coming to me? Since the brain is already full, silted up, overflowing, even if it is replaced by lava, steel can not be filled in, what do you like, and what do I have to do with it?

As long as you are willing to spend those seven hours, you will know that any kind of weight loss can produce results, just efficiency and maintenance time; you will know that weight loss is recognized as 70% in the diet structure, 30% in the exercise; you will know that the common formula is calorie consumption is greater than calorie intake, but to analyze the efficiency of calorie intake of different foods and conversion results; you will know that the focus of each family in different diet structure. There is a choice of balanced diet, there is a choice of high-carbon low-fat low-protein, there is a choice of high-fat high protein low-carbon, there is a choice of low-fat low-carbon high protein, anyway, there are three positions to two choices, how many combinations of items to calculate for themselves.

If you really spend those seven hours, you will be able to find a way to suit yourself, and you will definitely know what to eat and how to exercise. This is the time to ask questions that have value, why low-carbon will not sleep well, why the sudden burst of carbon but will lose weight, why after a period of aerobic will hit the wall, why after the exercise dawn phenomenon intensified, these are the real problems. Only if you are on the right path, there are real problems. Otherwise, ask me what for? Why not go burn incense, any request any problem can be raised, and do not have to face my stink face.

In the end, everyone needs to be responsible for themselves. Today is an era of unlimited knowledge and resources online, so it also requires everyone to learn on their own, even after years of being out of school, and personal learning cannot stop. I know my problem is that I don’t want to write articles like “It’s enough for you to do this about weight loss” and give an answer directly to myself, and people who come just take an answer and leave, and just be an honest stock recommendation expert, which is always effective for some people anyway, and that part is enough to help me seal a golden body. The problem is that not many people want to think about it, and the effect is far less than when I announce with a firm hand: just go eat green beans.

But I’m getting old and I’m not going to change. That’s how I’ve been writing for all these years, and now I don’t want to change it to a green bean article. I know that after this article comes out, many people will feel unhappy again, thinking how I can speak with such an attitude, completely lacking the poise and mind a writer should have. Then, where there is poise, it is difficult to say where to fly; where there is a mind, it is where to go, there may be milk to drink. I have a humble environment here, as many people say even typography can not. There is no pacifier here, only a stick, try to try to adapt to it. It’s okay if you can’t get used to it, because there are plenty of pacifiers anyway.

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