Can I drink water immediately after a meal ?

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A: Yes

It is the body’s instinct to drink water when you are thirsty.

Unless there is intestinal obstruction and other diseases that can not eat, otherwise healthy people should drink water when they are thirsty, whether it is before, during or after meals.

Thinking that drinking water after meals is not good, may be worried about drinking water to dilute gastric juices affect digestion, resulting in digestive malabsorption and other problems, this worry is superfluous.

Humans have evolved for so long that we can eat both dry food and semi-dry and semi-moist food, and can digest both liquid food, and naturally eat dry food before drinking water.

For the digestive tract, eating food first and then drinking water produces results that are not fundamentally different from drinking milk or other liquid foods directly. The milk protein mixed in a large amount of water can be digested and absorbed, and the nutrients in the food can naturally be digested and absorbed by eating first and then drinking water.

There is no evidence that eating and then drinking water can lead to digestive malabsorption or other health hazards, so there is no need to worry about this.