Can I drink water immediately after a meal ?

A: Yes It is the body’s instinct to drink water when you are thirsty. Unless there is intestinal obstruction and other diseases that can not eat, otherwise healthy people should drink water when they are thirsty, whether it is before, during or after meals. Thinking that drinking water after meals is not good, may be worried about drinking water to dilute gastric juices affect digestion, resulting in digestive malabsorption and other problems, this worry is superfluous.
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Do children grow faster in the spring? Should I give my child a calcium supplement?

There are indeed studies that show that children may grow taller in the spring and summer months. In a 1994 study [1], Swedish researchers followed 50 prepubescent children, measuring height every 4 weeks and calf length every 1-2 weeks, and found that the average monthly height growth rate was 5.06 cm/year in the fall and 8.15 cm/year in the spring, while the calf growth rate was 1.8 cm/year in the fall and 2.63 cm/year in the spring.
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