Can I drink water immediately after a meal ?

A: Yes It is the body’s instinct to drink water when you are thirsty. Unless there is intestinal obstruction and other diseases that can not eat, otherwise healthy people should drink water when they are thirsty, whether it is before, during or after meals. Thinking that drinking water after meals is not good, may be worried about drinking water to dilute gastric juices affect digestion, resulting in digestive malabsorption and other problems, this worry is superfluous.
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Baijiu Basics

Chinese Baijiu Basics
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Some nonsense about NFT

If I wanted to post a song in a public article, I would search directly in the backend library. The problem is that the backend library belongs to QQ Music, which buys the rights from the major music companies, so there are definitely some songs that I can’t find at all. Of course, I could download them elsewhere and upload them to a public article, but that would be an infringement of copyright and a lawsuit against me.
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Should I eat less rice or less meat for fear of gaining weight?

Should I eat less rice or less meat for fear of gaining weight? Many of my friends often ask me which one should be eaten less compared to rice or pork when they are afraid of gaining weight during the dieting period. Some people say that they should eat less meat because it is high in energy; others say that they should eat less rice because it is high in energy and easy to digest, which makes it very easy to gain weight.
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Do children grow faster in the spring? Should I give my child a calcium supplement?

There are indeed studies that show that children may grow taller in the spring and summer months. In a 1994 study [1], Swedish researchers followed 50 prepubescent children, measuring height every 4 weeks and calf length every 1-2 weeks, and found that the average monthly height growth rate was 5.06 cm/year in the fall and 8.15 cm/year in the spring, while the calf growth rate was 1.8 cm/year in the fall and 2.63 cm/year in the spring.
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Xinjiang cotton, what makes it the world's top?

Title image source: Xinjiang Corps Sixth Division workers Chen Xiaojiang, 17 years of cotton planting, planted 50 mu last year, a yield of 490 kg, income of nearly 100,000 yuan. Corps propaganda department for the picture Global cotton look at China, Chinese cotton look at Xinjiang. Xinjiang long-staple cotton, excellent quality, large production, perennial supply exceeds demand. National Bureau of Statistics information shows that the total output of cotton in Xinjiang in 2020 reached 5.161 million tons, accounting for 87.
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Don't try to discredit! 6 facts about Xinjiang cotton

A few days ago, H&M a “stop using Xinjiang cotton” statement sparked strong discontent among Chinese netizens. Nike and other companies also proposed a “boycott” of Xinjiang cotton. Their reasons were lies and rumors about so-called “forced labor” and “minority discrimination”. Today, it is necessary to list these basic facts, in order to set the record straight. [Fact 1] Xinjiang cotton: world top quality Xinjiang has a unique natural conditions, the summer temperature difference, sunshine, photosynthesis, cotton growth time is long.
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